Map of the Week – Map of St. Eustatius, early 1700s

Saint Eustatius in the West Indies is one of the Netherlands Antilles. In the 1700s, it was a colony of the Netherlands. This manuscript maps shows the island in the early 1700s and marks all the plantation owners on the map.

The archival description says this map dates from the 18th century. Based on research on the island I recognize several of the names as plantation owners in the early 1700s.

Map of St. Eustatius, 1700s

Map of St. Eustatius with a list of names of owners and properties, early 1700s. Credits: call no. 339, Record Group 4.MIKO, Nationaal Archief, The Hague (public domain).

Translated legend with abbreviations resolved:

A. The Lower Village
B. The Upper Village
C. Fort Orange
D. The Rondeberg [Round Mountain]

  1. Abraham Pantouflet
  2. Sander
  3. Paulus Lordijk
  4. Cornelis Hendricks
  5. Upper Plantation to the heirs Rev. Kowan
  6. The heirs Jacob Cuvelje
  7. The widow Hendriks
  8. The Widow Calvert
  9. Mother Gordon
  10. Abraham Heijliger junior ocated in Tumbedowndick [?]
  11. Widow Godet ditto
  12. William Dunn
  13. Widow Lindesaij [Lindsay]
  14. The heirs Benners
  15. Lucas Doecke Groebe
  16. Anthonij Penniston
  17. Widow Abraham Lucas Raepsaet’s mill
  18. The widow Raepsaet
  19. Simon de Graef
  20. Widow Burtell
  21. Joannes Salomons
  22. The honorable lord Jasper Ellis & company
  23. Company Plantation
  24. Captain Joan Z Doncker
  25. Pieter Heijliger senior
  26.  The Widow Runnels
  27. Schrubhaaren
  28. Abraham Heijliger junior
  29. Widow Ratterij
  30. Donckers new Temple
  31. Joan Heijliger PrZn [Pieter’s son]
  32. Anthonij Salomons
  33. Pieter De Wever
  34. Widow Johannes Jeems
  35. Abraham Ooijen
  36. Simon dFont[a] Cuvelje
  37. Widow Rebecca Jeems
  38. Theophilus Salomons
  39. Guiljam Heijliger
  40.  Jan Jeems
  41. Joris Jeems
  42. Jan Lispier
  43. Pieter Hassel
  44. Widow Lindezaij [Lindsay]
  45. Widow Graval
  46. Daniel Markoe
  47. Pieter de Weever [the Weaver]
  48. The heirs Jacob Cuvelje
  49. Pieter de Buijk
  50. Joris de Buijk
  51. Alexander de Weever [the Weaver]
  52. Widow Gt [Gerrit?] Lindesaij
  53. Matth[.] B[..]l Salomons
  54. Govert Oojen & Comp
  55. Dr. Jan de Wind
  56. The Old Church
  57. Lodewijk Aartsen senior
  58. Lodewijk Aartsen junior
  59. Catarina Hassel
  60. Donkers Old Temple
  61. Jan Heijliger Abmz [Abraham’s son]
  62. Abraham Heijliger senior
  63. Widow Christiaan Cuvelje
  64. Jan Gordon
  65. Jan Thoma
  66. Isaak Sprouce
  67. Jan Markoe junior
  68. Simon Cuvelje Cristz [Christiaan’s son]
  69. Widow Langmeet
  70. Widow Barends
  71. Widow Jan Heijliger
  72. Markoe senior’s mill
  73. Pieter Markoe
  74. Jan Cuvelje Criz [Christiaan’s son]
  75. Jan Markoe senior
  76. Doecke’s Island
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