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Logo National Archives of the Netherlands AntillesCivil registration record from the Netherlands Antilles have been added to WieWasWie, the largest online genealogy database in the Netherlands. This is great news for people who are researching ancestors in the Antilles. 47,000 records from the Civil Registration from the Antilles were added, almost half of the total number of records. The islands of Sint Eustatius, Sint Maarten and Bonaire are available completely and some records from Aruba and Saba are available as well. The other records, including those from CuraƧao, will follow as soon as they will have been entered.

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Information to bear in mind when consulting the civil registration from the Netherlands Antilles:

  • Often the surname of the godfather or godmother was and/or is given to the child, which can lead to long lists of first or last names.
  • Many individuals had aliases. The aliases were the names by which the individuals in question were known locally, whereas in the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages they were registered under official names. The aliases can be found in the Comment field.
  • A death certificate often also contains the place of birth and sometimes the date of birth of the deceased. These are included in the Comment field.
  • Names that are spelled with a "ij" in the Netherlands, are often spelled with a "y" in the Antilles. This obviously makes a difference when formulating a query for the Genlias system.
  • In some cases, the clerk seems to have written down the name phonetically. Spanish speaking people pronounce the letter "j" as "g" and the letter "v" as "b".

Source: WieWasWie

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  1. Thank you so much. I have ancestors in St Martin on the Dutch and french sides. Also Anguilla and Antigua. They were on the Hope Estate, Grande Case, Marigot and elsewhere. This is the very first breakthrough I have had on my Great Grandmother’s maiden name. Her mother came from France. My father’s name was REY and it has been very difficult to find much information, except for the links with those who married into families on the Dutch side. I am very excited.

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