Dutch term – Pinksteren

The word ‘Pinksteren’ is Dutch for Pentacost, a religious holiday. In the Netherlands is it celebrated on Pentacost Sunday and the following day. Pentacost Monday is an official holiday and most of the people in the country have the day off. Nowadays,┬ámany people take the opportunity to go to a music festival, go to the beach or attend some traditional fairs.

In earlier times, Pinksteren was a typical time when people became confessed members of the Dutch reformed church, together with Eastern (Pasen) and Christmas (Kerstmis). You will often encounter the word in church membership records.

Man on horse with a lance stabbing a ring

“Ringsteken” [ring stabbing], a Pentacost tradition on the isle of Walcheren (on the unofficial ‘third Pentacost’ day). Credits: Nationaal Archief

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