Quick tip: cleared graves

Grave of Dinant Hoitink

Grave of Dinant Hoitink

Did you know that in the Netherlands, graves are routinely cleared after a couple of decades? Graves cannot be bought, only rented. The usual period is 20-30 years. After that term is up, the grave is cleared if nobody renews the lease.

Most cemeteries have a communal plot where any remains are reburied. In most cemeteries, it is unusual to find graves older than 50-100 years. An exception are Jewish cemeteries, as Jewish tradition prevents them from being cleared.

See also this overview of online cemeteries.

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  1. Saskia Lodder says:

    I have very little information about my father’s father, Gysbert Lodder, who died in about 1934 when my father was 9 years old. He was a policeman in Amsterdam. I just found your website.

  2. Is there an equivalent of findagrave.com for the Netherlands, someplace that collects images of headstones before the graves are cleared?

  3. Judy Kirkpatrick says:

    What happens to the actual headstones when they are cleared?

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