Quick tip – Beware of chapter 1

If you're lucky, your literature research may reveal a book published about your family done by genealogists in the past. Writing such books was popular in the nineteenth century, especially for prominent families, or descendants of early settlers of a colony, for example. Several such books exist for New Netherland settlers. In many of these early books, chapter 1 is where the author tries to sketch the early history of the family. This is where you find claims of royal descent, of … [Read more...]

Five places to find out-of-copyright books from the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, copyright expires 70 years after the author's death in most cases. Many books published in the early 1900s and earlier are in the public domain. Here are five places where you can find these publications. Delpher Delpher is a website by the Royal Library of the Netherlands where you can find books, newspapers, and magazines. Digitale Bibliotheek Nederlandse Letteren The Digitale Bibliotheek Nederlandse Letteren (Digital Library Dutch Written Works)  contains many … [Read more...]