Extreme Ancestors – Jan de Witte, age 105 (or not?)

I thought it would be fun to do a series of blog post about the extremes in my tree. The oldest person, the youngest parent, the most spouses, the most children, the one who moved the farthest away; you get the idea. In this first article, I present you Jan de Witte, who died in Cadzand in 1754 at the reported age of 105 years and eight months. 1748 census The earliest record I found that indicated Jan's age was the 1748 census of Cadzand, which included the following household: Jan de … [Read more...]

Dutch term – Inwoner and bewoner

An inwoner is a resident of a location. For example, someone could be an inwoner of Amsterdam, or of the Netherlands. The word does not imply citizenship, just residence. A¬†bewoner is a resident of a building. For example, someone could be a bewoner of a house or nursing home. … [Read more...]