Dutch term – Speelkind

A speelkind [literally: play child] is a child born out of wedlock to unwed parents; not the result of adultery. Under Roman-Dutch law, a speelkind would inherit from his mother's family just like a legitimate child, but would not inherit from the father's side of the family unless explicitely named in a will. A child born from adultery, however, would inherit from neither family, not even when mentioned in a will. Speelkinderen could be legitimized by a subsequent marriage of their … [Read more...]

Dutch term – Nakomeling

A nakomeling (literally: one who comes after) is a descendant. It's a term you may encounter in wills or endowments, for example when certain branches of the family get an inheritance or rights to a recurring payment or other provision. … [Read more...]

Dutch term – Nageslacht

The Dutch term nageslacht means offspring or progeny; the descendants of a person. … [Read more...]