Dutch term – “Ut Supra”

The term ut supra means "as above." It's actually not Dutch at all but Latin. It's used in records sometimes as a shorthand when the writer doesn't want to keep repeating the same information. When you see the term, you have to look at the previous entries to see what information it replaces. Example This question came up in the Dutch Genealogy Facebook Group, where David P. Slager jr. asked about the meaning of "ut supra" in the following marriage record: It's a marriage record for … [Read more...]

Quick Tip – Names are Different in Latin

If your family was Roman Catholic, their church records will be in Latin. These records used the Latin version of names. Since Dutch search engines only find exact matches, you will need to search for these Latin names or use wildcards. For example, my ancestor Jan SmuldersĀ appeared in Catholic records as Joannes. His father Hendrik is called Henricus in Latin. Searching for "Jan Smulders" would not have found his baptismal record, but J* Smulders would have. Even initials can change though; … [Read more...]