The illegitimate, doubly baptized, incestuous orphan

Sometimes you read records and you wonder how much bad luck one person can handle. While doing research for a client I came across the following baptism in a transcription of the Roman-Catholic baptismal records for Venlo in 1750-1760:1 1751 13 november Anna Elisabetha conditionaliter rebaptizata est filia spuria Andreae Ketels et Gertrudis Podor qui sunt consanguinei in secundo consanguinitatis gradu: susce- perunt Jacobus Podor et Anna Elisabetha van Cauwenbergh As all Roman … [Read more...]

Limburg emigrants

At this moment, there's a poll on this website to see which province the ancestors of our visitors come from. To my surprise, Limburg is in the lead! Perhaps because my own research is focused on Dutch Reformed regions, I had never realized that many people emigrated from the catholic region of Limburg as well. … [Read more...]


The province of Limburg is situated in the south-east of the Netherlands. The province borders Germany to the east, Belgium to the south, Belgium and Noord-Brabant to the east and Noord-Brabant to the north. The capital city of Limburg is Maastricht. Other larger towns are: Heerlen Sittard Venlo Geleen … [Read more...]