What file format should I use to preserve family photos?

PNG. GIF. TIFF. PDF. JPG. When it comes to choosing a file format for images, the possibilities are endless. Like many genealogists, I am scanning my family photos. I have several reasons for doing so: I want to create a backup in case there is a fire or flood and I lose the originals I want to use the scans in my family tree, on my blog, and other publications. I want to share the scans with other family members. We may only have one copy of the original, but we can easily create … [Read more...]

My Favorite Websites for Finding Dutch Photos

In response to last week's article about the term bakker/bakkerij, Doris Waggoner asked how I found the photos I use to illustrate the articles on this website. I thought other people might like to read my response, so I am repeating it here and will include some links to my favorite photo sites. I never have any trouble finding photos. I used to work at the National Archives in The Hague and was the technical project manager for their image bank for a while. That taught me a lot about their … [Read more...]

Quick tip – Check your photos. Again.

Last week, I wrote a post about What spouses promised each other, in which I used a photograph of my grandparents' wedding. When browsing my Facebook feed, the story came up and I looked at the photo just like I would at any other photo. And there he was. My great-great-grandfather. Next to my grandfather sits his mother. Then, an empty seat, where his father should have been (he died six months before the marriage). But the next chair is occupied by an elderly man. Who else could … [Read more...]

What is your earliest Dutch family photograph?

In the Netherlands, photography took off much later than in countries like the US or the UK. As a result, many of us only have family photographs going back to the early 1900s. So I was wondering, what is your earliest photograph? Please leave a link in the comments or post the image to the comments on this article on Facebook. Great-great-great-grandparents The earliest photograph I have of any of my ancestors is a picture of Arend Kastein (1817-1903) and Dora Buitink (1824-1899). Arend was a … [Read more...]