Quick tip – Witnesses are often not indexed

If you are using indexes of genealogical records, please keep in mind that the witnesses were often not indexed; only the main parties were. You can consult the original record to find the rest of the information. Knowing the witnesses is helpful since they may hold the vital clue to solving your brick walls. … [Read more...]

Quick tip – Did they know the witness?

You may encounter witnesses in several types of records: Baptismal records Church marriage records Aldermen's court marriage records Civil registration records of births, marriages, and deaths Notarial records. When you come across witnesses, ask yourself: would this be the type of event a random person would witness? Or is the person likely to have been a close connection to the person of interest? For example, a notary may have asked a neighbor to witness a will, but the … [Read more...]

Dutch term: getuige

The Dutch word getuige means witness. Getuigen can be found in many different types of documents, such as birth and marriage records or baptismal records. In original records and transcriptions, the word is often abbreviated to get. … [Read more...]