Quick tip – Study the Siblings if you’re Stuck

If you're stuck and can't find your ancestor's parents, try researching the siblings and other relatives. Here are some suggestions to identify possible siblings: Baptismal recordsĀ and marriage records often name the witnesses. Witnesses were typically close family members, such as siblings. Court records sometimes show several people buying or selling land together. These were often siblings. Collateral succession tax records may show your brick wall ancestor inheriting from a … [Read more...]

Dutch term – Collaterale Successie

Collaterale Successie [Collateral Succession] is the situation where an inheritance goes to heirs in collateral lines, such as the siblings, aunts and uncles of the deceased, or their descendants. Many regions charged a tax on collateral successions, which was recorded in separate registers. These tax registers can give a good overview of the family composition. After about 1806, these registers were rendered obsolete by the introduction of the Memories van Successie [death duties files] … [Read more...]