Quick tip – Use “PROX” in Delpher

Delpher is the website where you can find newspapers, magazines, and books published in the Netherlands. Because of the huge amount of sources on this website, you will often get many results. You can do a more specific search by searching for two terms that must appear near each other with the PROX parameter. Examples: Hoitink PROX Nijkerken (combining the last names of an ancestral couple) Hoitink PROX Winterswijk (last name + place of residence) Hoitink PROX Berkstraat (last … [Read more...]

Quick tip – Magazines and Journals at Delpher

The website Delpher is famous for its newspapers, but also has a large collection of magazines and journals. This includes many trade and professional journals that have information about people in these occupations, such as teachers and farmers. The majority of the periodicals dates from the 1850s to 1950s.   … [Read more...]