Quick tip – List of Historical Disasters in the Netherlands

Philip van Diemen de Jel and Irene Walstra have a list on their website with Historical Disasters in the Netherlands (in Dutch and English). This list is useful if you see an unexpected cluster of deaths in your family. Since Dutch death records do not list a cause of death, it can be hard to find out how an ancestor died. Knowing there was a epidemic, bombing, or flood in the area can help you find out what may have happened. See also other tips for how to find a cause of death. … [Read more...]

Dutch term – Brand

Brand is the Dutch word for "fire." Fire was a major threat to any town. Fires effect the available records. The obvious connection is that some records are destroyed by fires. Examples are Enschede town records prior to 1862 and Varsseveld town and church records prior to 1723. Fires or the threat of fire can also create records: Lists of houses that burned Lists of victims who died Lists of people who had fire buckets (the original "bucket lists") or ladders Records of … [Read more...]