Column: Citizen archivist

Citizen archivists is a term coined by David S. Ferriero, the Archivist of the United States, to call a new breed of users of archives. Visitors who not only come to take information, but bring it as well. Visitors who help to create access to archives by contributing in the form of comments, transcripts or tags. The benefits to the archives are … [Read more...]

Dutch term: kadaster

The kadaster is the government body responsible for the registration of property (real estate). Introduced in 1832, the kadaster records the owners of all plots of land and ships. In addition, the kadaster records any rights attached to the property and any mortgages against the property. The kadaster information is used as the basis for property … [Read more...]

Land Ho! Vingboons maps

Johannes Vingboons was a 17th century Dutch cartographer. He made beautiful watercolor manuscipt maps of the East and West Indies. His work can now be seen both in an exhibition in Rotterdam and online. … [Read more...]