Dutch term – Scannen op verzoek

Scannen op verzoek means scanning on demand. It generally means you can order scans from the finding aid or catalog directly. In many cases, this is a free service. Check the list of archives that provide free scanning on demand. … [Read more...]

Quick tip – Use Scanning on Demand

Research in original sources can be difficult if you do not live near the repository. Good news: several archives in the Netherlands offer scanning on demand from their finding aids. They will scan the records for you. Often, they're put online for everyone to use, while other archives choose to send you the files personally. Some archives charge a fee, others provide this great service for free. See the list of archives that provide free scanning-on-demand. … [Read more...]

Dutch Archives that provide Free Scanning on Demand

In the Netherlands, archives provide their already digitized records available online for free. But several archives go a step further, and also allow you to request documents to be scanned free of charge. These archives have allocated budget for digitizing their collection. Part of this budget is used for larger projects, and another part is used for scanning-on-demand where the users determine the order in which the records get digitized. The resulting scans are attached to the finding aids … [Read more...]