Top 10 posts for 2021

I continued my streak in 2021, writing at least two blog posts per week. These were the ten most popular blog posts this year. Interestingly, four of the articles are from 2005, when I started this blog. I wrote several articles that I thought would help people, and apparently they still do. Only one of the most popular posts was written this year. 1. Top 10 most common Dutch surnames (2013) This has been the most popular post on my blog since I wrote it in 2013. This post by itself … [Read more...]

Top 10 Dutch genealogy websites

There are thousands of sites that are helpful for researching your ancestors from the Netherlands. This list contains my 10 favorites. I have limited this list to websites that would be useful for people who don't speak Dutch, which means they are either available in English or self-explanatory. … [Read more...]