Top 10 Dutch genealogy websites

There are thousands of sites that are helpful for researching your ancestors from the Netherlands. This list contains my 10 favorites. I have limited this list to websites that would be useful for people who don’t speak Dutch, which means they are either available in English or self-explanatory.

  1. WieWasWie
    WieWasWie is the largest genealogy database in the Netherlands. It includes information of over 82 million people, mostly covering the 19th century. The website is not available in English yet.
  2. Digital Resources Netherlands and Belgium
    This portal provides links to records that are available online. These can range from name indexes and transcriptions to digitized original records.
  3. Archivenet
    Archivenet is a portal that provides links to the websites of all the Archives in the Netherlands and Flanders.
  4. Wat Was Waar
    ‘Wat Was Waar’ means ‘What Was Where’. The websites shows the digitized 1832 plot maps including the lists of owners. You can zoom in on the map and click it to see a selection of maps from that area. Scans from the information about the owners of the plots are available as well. These are called OATs (Oorspronkelijke Aanwijzende Tafels, original referring tables). For different regions, several other types of maps are available as well.
  5. GahetNA
    This website by the National Archives contains several indexes, including emigrants to Australia and freed slaves in the West Indies.
  6. Memory of the Netherlands
    This large image database shows the highlights of the collections of many cultural or historical organizations in the Netherlands. One of the themes is the Atlantic World. Select the EN-button in the top right for the English version.
  7. Stamboomgids
    This portal is in Dutch only but the Familienamen (family name) section is easy to use and provides links to websites about specific family names.
  8. Family name database
    This database shows the occurrence of Dutch family names based on the 1947 (most recent) census. Fill in a naam (name)  and click the Zoek (search) button. A list of names will appear. Select ‘kaartweergave’ (map display) to see the geographical spread.
  9. Trace your Dutch roots
    This website has some great research tips on Dutch genealogy. It also comes with a weblog.
  10. Dutch Genealogy Facebook group
    Facebook group dedicated to Dutch Genealogy. This is a very friendly community where people help each other solve brick walls.

Also check the “Geography” section of this website for tips for individual provinces.

Top 10 websites for Dutch Genealogy

Top 10 websites for Dutch Genealogy

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