Top 10 posts for 2021

I continued my streak in 2021, writing at least two blog posts per week. These were the ten most popular blog posts this year. Interestingly, four of the articles are from 2005, when I started this blog. I wrote several articles that I thought would help people, and apparently they still do. Only one of the most popular posts was written this year.

1. Top 10 most common Dutch surnames (2013)

This has been the most popular post on my blog since I wrote it in 2013. This post by itself attracts 25% of visitors to my website.

2. English versions of Dutch first names (2005)

Another classic: lists of English translations and variants of various Dutch first names.

3. Why the Little Dutch Boy Never Put his Finger in the Dike (2017)

This post attracts genealogists and non-genealogists alike. Many people search for the story of the Dutch boy, and end up on my article explaining why it could not be anything but fiction.

4. Prefixes in surnames (2005)

Is it a last name? Is it a first name? Many people are confused by the prefixes like De, Van, and Ter in Dutch names. This article explaining what they are has been popular since I write it sixteen years ago.

5. What Dutch DNA Looks Like – 2020 Edition (2020)

This is the third edition of this popular post, comparing my ethnicity estimates from five different companies. I will be writing a 2022 edition next year.

6. Top 10 Dutch genealogy websites (2020)

This article was originally published in 2007 and last updated in 2020. Another evergreen.

7. English versions of Dutch last names (2005)

This article explains how Dutch names got changed after people emigrated to an English-speaking country, and includes a list of names from my own research.

8. Six Levels of Ancestral Profiles – Level-up Challenge (2021)

The most popular post I wrote this year; the only one to make it into the top 10! I set myself and my readers a challenge to take my research to a higher level.

9. Using birth records (geboorteaktes) to find your Dutch ancestors (2005)

An article explaining how to use civil registration birth records.

10. How to order my own birth certificate from the Netherlands? (2013)

Retrieving non-public records is not a service I provide, but many people want to know how they can get copies of their own records so I wrote an article to help them.

Other popular posts written in 2021

I am only two generations away from proving my descent from Eleanor of Aquitaine. I hope to prove at least one more generation in 2022. I think the final generation will probably require on-site research in France, which may not be in the cards yet.


Are there any topics you would like me to blog about in 2022? Please leave a comment.

Firemen eating 'oliebollen'

Firemen eating ‘oliebollen,’ a traditional Dutch New Year’s treat, 1973. Credits: Nationaal Archief


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