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Was Eleanor of Aquitaine my Ancestor? Generation 14 – Laureijs Denis Colen

This is the fifteenth post in a series about my possible line of descent from Eleanor of Aquitaine. In the first post, I explained how I discovered the possible line, and how I am going to verify it one generation at a time. In the last post, I proved that my tenth great-grandmother Aleid Laureijs Colen was […]

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Yvette Hoitink featured guest at VGA’s Ask Me Anything

Do you have questions about Dutch Genealogy that you’ve always wanted to ask? Or are you just curious about the strange person who has been writing all these blog posts? This Friday (January 18th), feel free to Ask Me Anything. I will be this month’s guest for the Ask Me Anything session of the Virtual […]

Roberta (left) and Cheryl locating the graves of their distant cousins at the Baard Cemetery

Immigrant example: Researching Hiram B. Ferverda (1854-1925)

My client and friend Roberta Estes blogged about her great-grandfather, Hiram Bauke Ferverda (1854-1925). Her blog post tells about the early years of Hiram, who grew up in Friesland before emigrating to the United States at the age of 14, based on research I did for her. The article highlights the results and features Roberta’s […]

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combed city

Dutch Genealogy News for December 2018

Here is an overview of the new sources, projects, and news about archives that were announced last month. Online sources The Regional Archives in Tilburg published several abstracts of court and notarial records of Tilburg, Loon op Zand, Oisterwijk and Moergestel. See the blog post for details. A report on the field names of the […]

parents and baby

Dutch records that are public as of 1 January 2019

Happy New Year everybody! Many record series have schedules that determine when they become public. Here are some of the civil registration records that have become public today: Birth records from 1918, which includes my maternal grandfather Johannes Marijnissen. Marriage records from 1943, which includes my maternal grandparents Johannes Marijnissen and Catharina Flooren. Death records from […]

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Quick tip – Patronymics May Not Be Easy to Recognize

Sometimes it’s hard to see the difference between a patronymic and a middle name. One of my ancestors, Hendrik Jan Smulders was called “Jan” because his father was named Jan. At that time, people in Tilburg didn’t use a genitive form to indicate patronymics so it’s difficult to see if “Jan” is a middle name […]

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night's watch

Dutch term – Schutterij

The schutterij is the citizen militia responsible for the defense of the town. In times of war, they could be called up to defend the country. Schutterijen existed throughout the Netherlands from at least the 1500s. Regulations for the schutterijen were standardized in 1814. Male residents between the ages of 18 and 50 (from 1827: between […]