Dutch term – Tweede Paasdag

Tweede Paasdag is second Easter day, the day after Easter (Eerste Paasdag/First Easter day). Both days are holidays in the Netherlands. … [Read more...]

Dutch Genealogy News for March 2021

This is an overview of the new sources, websites, and projects that were announced last month. Sources Automatically generated transcriptions of Amsterdam notarial records from the 1600s and 1700s can now be searched via a website. These transcriptions were created using handwritten text recognition. The artificial intelligence used for this … [Read more...]

Dutch term – Verzamelplan

A verzamelplan is a type of cadastral map created in 1832 to show the different sections within a cadastral municipality, and the maps/sheets within each section. See the article about Overview maps and minute maps for more information. … [Read more...]

Level 3 Checklist – Occupations, residence, children, spouses

Two months ago, I issued my Level-Up Challenge, challenging you to assess how complete your research is. By level 2, we know the names of our ancestors and where and when they were born, married and died. To reach level 3, we also have to know their occupations, places of residence, and their children and spouses. In this blog post, I will … [Read more...]

Dutch term – Landrecht

Landrecht is the law of the land. Before the introduction of the civil code in the Netherlands in 1809, each province, region, or domain had their own laws. Understanding the local laws and customs can help you interpret records and understand your family history. … [Read more...]

Ask Yvette – What happened to the Digitale Stamboom?

One reader contacted me to ask: I have lost a Dutch records site. It was called Dutch Municipal Records, and the URL was http://digitalestamboom.nl. That site now appears to be totally dead, because even the home page gives a 404 result. Can you refer me to a current URL?  Or is the site simply gone? What was the Digitale … [Read more...]

Dutch term – Eenheidsworst

Eenheidsworst (standardized sausage) has become a proverbial way to say something is run-of-the-mill, not terribly exciting. The original eenheidsworst was introduced during World War I. Even though the Netherlands remained neutral, there were food shortages because overseas supply lines had been cut and much of the food produced in the … [Read more...]

Cadastre – Original Indicator Tables

This is the second article in a series about using cadastral records. In the first article, we looked at overview and minute maps that were created when the cadastre was introduced in 1832. These maps show the cadastral municipalities, sections, and plots. This post will show you how to find out who owned each plot. Contents of an original … [Read more...]

Quick Tip – How did they Meet?

When you're researching your ancestors, ask yourself how they met their spouse. If they're both from the same town, you will probably not be able to figure it out, since there would have been many opportunities. Even so, you might find them working for the same farmer, as I did for my 2nd great grandparents. If they lived in different towns, … [Read more...]

Dutch Genealogy News for February 2021

This is an overview of all the new sources, projects, and websites that were announced last month. Sources The genealogy database of the Brabants Historisch Informatie Centrum now has more than 20 million records of persons from Noord-Brabant. This includes a wide range of records: church records, civil registration records, population … [Read more...]