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Frank Schruis

Today I found out that Frank Schruis passed away last Thursday. As I'm writing this article, he will be burried in Clymer, NY. Frank Schruis was a well-known genealogist whom I met in 1997 when I visited Clymer. … [Read more...]

Other resources

There are many other people who have researched the Phoenix disaster and written about it. This page gives an overview of online and paper resources with more information about this tragic event. … [Read more...]

English versions of Dutch last names

When Dutch people arrived in the United States or other English-speaking countries, often their names got changed. This was either done on purpose, to make the name easier to write and remember, or by accident because the clerk didn't know how to spell the name and wrote it down phonetically. For this reason, a single family name can often be found … [Read more...]

DeMaster, John and Wilhelmina van der Jagt

John DeMaster and Wilhelmina Van der Jagt were both born in the province of Zeeland. Both their families emigrated to the United States when they were children. The families settled in the Sheboygan area, WI. As a young adult, John worked on de Vanderjagt farm and married the farmer's daughter. … [Read more...]

Daane, Peter

Peter Daane was one of the Dutch emigrants who settled in Wisconsin and managed to establish a thriving business there. He fought for the Union during the Civil war. He is considered as the founder of Oostburg, WI. To this day, his descendants live in that area. … [Read more...]

Oberink, Lammert and Willemina Hofs

Lammert Oberink and Willemina Hofs were devout Christians in Varsseveld where Lammert was a member of the Seceder Church. The family emigrated in 1847 and unfortunately ended up on the Phoenix. When this ship perished, the entire family died except daughter Gerritje. She was the only survivor of the entire Varsseveld group of emigrants. … [Read more...]

Casualties and survivors

During the disaster, over 200 people lost their lives while less than 25 people survived. This page lists the names of the people who were or board or who might have been on board. … [Read more...]

Piek, Hermanus and Johanna Catharina Bekerink

Hermanus Piek and Johanna Catharina Bekerink emigrated to the United States together with their three children. They settled in Clymer, NY. … [Read more...]

New Netherlands

The first larger emigration wave from the Netherlands took place in the seventeenth century. A new colony was established in the Americas, which was called the New Netherlands. After a rough start, this colony attracted emigrants from all over Europe. … [Read more...]

Twisted dough

'Twisted dough in Dutch' was one of the many search terms I found when going through the statistics of this website. I started wondering how someone who wants to know what 'twisted dough' is in Dutch would end up on this website. … [Read more...]