Quick tip – TEDx talk about New Netherland history

Charles Gehring, the lead researcher at the New Netherland Institute, gave an enlightening presetation at TEDx about New Netherland, the best-kept secret in American History, which is now available on YouTube. Hattip: Limburg Emigrant Page on Facebook. … [Read more...]

Case study: Lammert Huybertsen Brink

Two years ago, I helped a client, Mr. Dennis Brink, find out exactly where his family was from. He kindly agreed to let me share our story of discovery of the origins of his immigrant ancestor, Lammert Huybertsen Brink, with you. Known information When Dennis Brink first contacted me, he provided the following information about his New Netherland ancestor, Lammert Huybertsen Brink: Lammert Huyberts from Wageningen, with wife and two children ages 2 and 3 1/2 years, sailed on the … [Read more...]

“Negroes for New Netherland”

While searching the notarial archives at the Amsterdam City Archives, I came across a record that tells how Dutch merchants took African slaves from Guinea and shipped them to the New World, trading some in the West Indies and taking the rest to New Netherland. As it is rare to find accounts of voyages of slave vessels, I thought I would share this document with you. Translated abstract 14 December 1661 Willem Tijssen of Schermerhorn, age 28, Paul Simonssen of Purmerend, 25, Gerret … [Read more...]

New Netherland research guide

In the 17th century, the Dutch had a colony in the New World that they called Nieuw Nederland (New Netherland). The colonists came from the Netherlands and many other places throughout Europe. Many people with early American roots have New Netherland ancestors.  This guide will give you references to resources to help you trace your New Netherland roots. This is a living document with resources that I use in my own research, so the focus is on making the connection based to the old country. … [Read more...]

Quick tip: US Dutch Reformed Church Records Online

Ancestry.com has just published a new record set: "U.S., Dutch Reformed Church Records from Selected States, 1660-1926". This record set was created by the Holland Society and currently contains records of Dutch Reformed churches in New York and New Jersey. Records from Dutch Reformed churches in other states will be added in the future. The record set consists of an index and images. Beware that the images are not of the original church records, but of later transcriptions, some done by hand … [Read more...]

The island at the center of the world

This week I read an interesting book: The island at the center of the world: the epic story of Dutch Manhattan and the forgotten colony that shaped America. It gives a new perspective on the Dutch contribution to the American society as we know it today. … [Read more...]

Donck, Adriaen van der

Adriaen van der Donck has been described as one of the first true Americans: a man with more loyalty for his new country than his old. After obtaining a law degree, he left for the New Netherlands in 1641 to help establish law and order in the colony. At this time, the colony was under the leadership of the Dutch West Indies Company who appointed a governor to enforce their will. Adriaen van der Donck wanted the colonists to have the same rights as citizens of other Dutch towns, a viewpoint … [Read more...]

New Netherlands

The first larger emigration wave from the Netherlands took place in the seventeenth century. A new colony was established in the Americas, which was called the New Netherlands. After a rough start, this colony attracted emigrants from all over Europe. … [Read more...]